Welcome BACK! Gosh I absolutely love having guests on my show (e-mail me here if you think you'd be a fit!).

This is a special one. Sam Hodgins and I have a much awaited conversation, literally months in the making, and boy oh boy, did it ever turn out good. 

Before getting into the show notes, I wanted to share with you a quote Sam shared with me in the show: 

"For any great pursuit, it is essential to establish our own point of beginning. These core habits set the benchmark for the entire construction of our lives. Our achievements cannot exceed the level of our thinking and comprehension. There is advanced knowledge already inside of us, but we will never know it unless we regularly turn off all the noise, listen, study, and learn." - From 'Me We Do Be: The Four Cornerstones To Success" by Randall Bell

This necessity of turning off the noise to actually do the work is something we repeatedly touch on throughout the show. 


Sam Hodgins runs Sharp Performance Consulting with Rolton Edwards, a fellow Western Cheer alumnus. I love them both, and I'm so happy to use my platform to share their amazing work with the world. I highly encourage you to check them out

In today's show, we get into the struggles, the challenges, and the suffering involved in entrepreneurship. Sam generously shares her mental health battles as a human and entrepreneur. I was so grateful for her vulnerability and learned a lot from her. I know you will too. 

Here's a taste of what we cover in today's show: 

- The importance of doing what you love everyday, and the power this has to motivate you to do great work, consistently

- The power of empathy, and how Sam has built her business using this skill of hers as a foundation

- Sam shares why she started Sharp, a beautiful story to me and I'll give you a hint: it was from the most honest of places

- How to go to work when you're having a bad day

- How Sam is able to identify and serve the holes in her client's businesses

- How to use social media without putting on a mask

- Why Sam is such a Juggernaut (and proud of it!)

- How Sam was able to manage information consumption overwhelm to get her most important work done

- The simplicity of organization... in Sam's word's "You just plan it, and then you do it!" - I absolutely LOVE this!

- Why you should reveal more of your incredible self, not hide any part of you from the world

- Why it's okay to not know who you are (and why no one does)

- Why true entrepreneurs are at least five years ahead of their time

And so much more than I have room to list here!


Today's episode is definitely worth a full listen. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, you'll have the luxury of peeking inside the world of what your life could be a few years into the journey. It's an opportunity I've always wanted, and I'm so happy to share this opportunity I had with you. 


Enjoy! And don't forget this message from Sam: 

My email is sam@sharpperformanceconsulting.com send me your story of a goal you are setting out to crush and how you are going to do it. 

As always, keep this a two-way conversation and send me over your thoughts! Sam@johnsamuelgray.com

Thanks for listening!



The title of this show is a quote that is attributed to Melissa Hicks 

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Productivity Planner by Inteligentchange.com - Founder: UJ Ramdas

The Freedom Journal - Sam found out about this from:JLD EOFire

Mental Health Resources

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 (This is the number I called when I was at one of my lowest points) 

Canadian Mental Health Association