Hey friends! 

Welcome to the first episode. I had so much fun recording this, I hope you have even more fun listening to it!

In this episode, we'll dive into:

  • How Social Media is designed to profit using your attention 
  • Why in-person is the most valuable communication medium (and how to get more of it in your life!)
  • Why Social Media is robbing you of your social confidence (and how to claim it back)
  • The destructive power of Attention Residue and how to rid yourself of its build-up
  • How to be mindful in your connection to other humans through ANY medium
  • The hierarchy of different communication mediums
  • Why Social Media is distracting you from what you want most 


And you will learn all of this lovely information through the medium of my calming voice, so joyously shared with you :)

As mentioned in the podcast, feel free to reach out to me at sam@johnsamuelgray.com - I love any opportunity I get to make this a two-way conversation :)

And, if you're wanting some more depth on what was mentioned in this podcast, check out my new book:The Art of Focusing here: amazon.com/author/johnsamuelgray

It was so great talking with you. I cannot wait until our next episode together!