Hello people!

Today, it was time to bring up a topic with noticeable, but completely unnecessary negative weight: depression. Like money and sex, this is a topic that is uncomfortable for most, causing it to get little airtime. And since talking is the only thing that teaches us about the world, I helped you start the conversation with yourself to learn a little bit more about your uncomfortable darkness. 

Yesterday, I shared with a close friend of mine that I reached the most depressed, lowest point of my life this past November. They said that they were 'surprised' and that they 'had no idea'. This came as a complete shock to me, and provided me with only more motivation to share this uncomfortable episode. 

To be honest, it's not hard for me to share this anymore. Not this time around. A couple of months ago, before my November depressive episode, I shared this article which shares some golden nuggets I learned from my last round with darkness, which was about a year ago. I've had lots of rounds in the ring with my demons. Darkness is starting to feel familiar.

I wrote a book on happiness out of fear. In a positive wave of life, I thought that if I crystallized what was going well into a book, me and my readers could ride that wave forever. 

I have come to appreciate suffering. Walking this morning in the snow, freezing cold, canvassing for a job was miserable, but a part of me loved it. Instead of focusing on having the highs all the time, I'm starting to feel drawn to the lows, certain that if I can bear them, equally high highs will come my way. I love being miserable. 


00:02:44 - This is the phone number for Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868. If you're feeling like you have no one to go to, stop lying to yourself and call it. Because you do. I did, so you can too.


If you are reading this, you are most likely a human, aka a social animal. You know that the worst punishment you can give someone in prison is solitary confinement. But you don't really know this. 

The worst thing that humans can do to another human is to force them to be alone. When you put yourself through this punishment only reserved for the world's worst criminals, you're putting them on their level. You're telling yourself you're one of the world's most evil humans. No wonder being alone makes you depressed. Who wouldn't be depressed if they were among the worst in the world? 

There exists a guaranteed solution to depression. And no you don't need to wait two days for it to be shipped in the mail, it's here, available to you right now. 

Spending time being seen by other, safe humans through cultivating and sustaining deep relationships. 

In other words, go be around people. 

I have a feeling you're among the best in the world, not the worst. So start treating yourself that way.