Hello, best looking audience on the internet...

Welcome to the most beautiful gifts you've seen this week. 

In today's episode we get into lots of good stuff, like...

- Why you waste so much time

- The simple trick that will stop you from wasting time forever

- How to follow your intuition

- How to identify the emotions you should follow, and the ones you should ignore

- Why you need to cut people out of your life who drain your energy

- Why being 'nice' is actually being 'mean' and how practicing honesty will always guide you to winning relationships

- The importance of suffering in living a fulfilled life

- The power of pain, and the value it has in guiding you - once you stop masking your pain-sensors

- Why I'm totally okay that life has been sucking lately

And no more!

That's seriously all that's in today's episode. Another short one, but a dense one, I can promise you that. 

Listen in if you're ready to mono-task, focus fully, and absorb ideas that will change your life for the better. 

Much love,