John SAMUEL Gray back at it again with the white vans!

Seriously, we're up to some really magical stuff today. 

Discover how to...

- Speak the language of your intuition... fluently

- Recognize fear and train yourself to respond with action, not hesitation

- Learn to eliminate shame from your life, and live without a constant weight on your shoulders

- Think long-term despite having no practice as a young person

- Design your life with the end in mind

- Live well, without rushing, while still moving


Seriously, the conversation will not extend beyond the confines of those bullet points. 

You have permission to sue me if it does. 

Now I'm going to call my lawyer, but before I do...

Remember to send me an e-mail with any questions, thoughts, ideas, and insults that come up for you while you're listening. 

Keep this conversation a two-way one just like all the other ones you're so used to having. 

Now let me make that phone call...

Much love,