You know when you have to say goodbye to someone and you wish you could turn by time and have another hour with them? 

Ya that happened to me on this show. Big time. 

It's your man/boy/king/bear: John SAMUEL Gray, and welcome to easily one of the best hours of my life. 

I feel so honoured to have been able to create some magic today with Skyla. I'm going to warn you, there were a couple too many golden nuggets in today's show... Don't sue me if your phone weighs an extra couple of pounds with this episode downloaded to it. MAJOR value delivery alert. 

Out of courtesy, I'll make an attempt to cover some of what we talked about in the bullets below, but know that the conversation extends leaps and bounds beyond these bullets. Seriously, give it a full listen. You won't regret it. 

Today, Skyla and I talked about: 

- Pretty much everything we have each ever learned to do with anything personal development

- Skyla shares MULTIPLE, REAL WORLD EXAMPLES of the Law of Attraction IN EFFECT. My mind was blown away. 

- How controlling your mind is really the beginning of any journey to more confidence, happiness, goal-achievement, and anything else that you WANT

- The true power of your MIND, with a few detailed examples from Skyla's life

- HOW TO TAKE COMPLIMENTS WELL - Skyla shares how she's overcome a problem she's had for her whole life (me too), and how she's been able to solve it in the past couple years

- We dig into our shared struggle going against the grain, and maintaining our paths, despite INTENSE pressure from our friends, and the rigid social norms in our hometown

- HOW TO GET A TINY WAIST, AND NOT APOLOGIZE ABOUT IT - Skyla shares why you should just get that thing you want, instead of wasting your time admiring those who already have it

- How Skyla is able to feel high on life so much of the time, and she shares her little pre-gym routine to cope with socially unacceptably high levels of happiness

- The power of AFFIRMATIONS and JOURNALING and how to incorporate them as habits into your daily life

- How to switch quickly out of an upset mood

- Why the only thing stopping yourself from your goals is TIME and how to organize more of yours to make real progress in your life

And wayyy too much more good stuff.

It might sound like I'm using hyperbole or exaggeration when I hype this episode up so much, but I am so confident this hype won't even prepare you for half the value that's about to be dropped into your life. 

This will change your life. 

And per Skyla's ONE REQUEST at the end of the show, send her a message right here, and send me one e-mail right here. We want to meet you, talk to you, get on the phone with you, and have you become a part of our journeys to becoming better people. Seriously, reach out. 

Find Skyla on Instagram here: @skylawayrynen, and to the best-looking audience on the net, enjoy this spectacular episode with the amazing Skyla Wayrynyn.