John Samuel Gray here!

Ready to bring you the best show of your life. 

No seriously, check it out: 

- How to actually detach yourself from the opinions of others, and find the courage to let your true self shine through

- How to live honestly, for yourself, instead of fabricated, for others

- Learn how to feel drawn to discovering who you really are, instead of feeling scared of exploring it

- Discover what it means to be a giver, taker, and neither... and which one will bring you the most of life's gifts

- Find out the best way to design yourself to be a receiver

- How to kill your fear early, and why it's the most important habit you can build

- Uncomfortable stories of me working to kill my fear early, so you can too

And a few more things than this!

Yet another joy of an episode, shared with you, which is my absolute favourite part. 

As always, to hold up your end of the conversation :) I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

I hope you enjoy :)


00:16:18.90 - Cook and chef article from Wait But Why (one of my favourite blogs!)