Welcome to another episode!

In this one, we get talking about some uncomfortable stuff, so get somewhere comfortable, and get listening. 

A couple topics covered are: 

- My experience with Binge Eating, and how I was able to release it from my life. 

- What the Pain Hiding Procedure is, and how you can use it to work for you, not against you. 

- Why we use vices to hide our pain, and if it is true that 'everyone needs a vice'

- How to use energy-creating habits in place of energy draining ones to equip you to power through solving your problems

- Why the vice you choose doesn't matter, and how to develop a winning formula for regaining control over anything that controls you

- My dark days exploring my freedom as a university student, and how I have since moved on from destructively dealing with pain

And more!

Honestly, we cover some really deep topics in this episode that will definitely cause you to think differently about habits in your life. 

I really believe this episode can bring you value, and if it does, or if you have any other questions, drop me a line at sam@johnsamuelgray.com

I can't wait to hear from you!

And I hope you enjoy what I have so cleverly crafted, just for you.